Having provided Landscape Architectural services for a vast variety of projects for over 40 years and under the direction of Robert Curley for the past 27 years, Cummings Curley and Associates possesses the experience and expertise to create sustainable and maintainable landscape for any genre of project. Cummings Curley and Associates, Inc. is a professional corporation providing professional services in landscape architecture and land planning.  Our approach for all projects is essentially the same: involvement from basic project analysis, design concept and comprehensive preparation to observation of final construction.  Principal involvement is key in the day-to-day progress of each project, particularly taking a definitive lead both in meetings with the client and CCA’s office staff. Staff is directed to give the client their full attention and respond to any and all requests in a timely fashion.  This method of design implementation and project management enables us to provide design services to a large spectrum of clients on a variety of unique and challenging assignments.


Cummings Curley and Associates’ unique office structure allows for instant mobilization on projects rapidly and in an efficient manner.  The Principal not only has extensive experience with staff management and delegation of projects and tasks but has current, operating knowledge of the latest CAD design software as do all other office staff.  For a Principal to have the ability not only to open and review project documents in CAD to respond to client questions or comments, but to have the ability to design, engineer and edit CAD files has proven to be a very efficient and timely means for meeting our clients’ needs, expectations and time requirements.


Completed projects include those in the commercial, institutional, municipal, recreational, residential development, private residential, estate and ranch sectors of industry.  Typical services include design, cost estimation and preparation of working drawings for all phases of landscape development including construction plans and details, grading and drainage, planting, irrigation, lighting, water conservation plans, and amenity specification.  Some of these services have been enhanced by experience working with “public art” and by the principal’s consultation by Rain Bird on the development of innovative irrigation products and materials in the interest of using water resources most efficiently.